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5 Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

5 Movements You Should Do Every Morning for Optimal Wellness

The best healthcare is often free!

If you are struggling with a stiff, sore body, then know that you do not have to suffer every day.

These 5 exercises you can take every day to take your health to the next level without much effort! Not only will this morning exercise improve your physical health, but it will also increase your attention and enthusiasm for the day.

In addition to being “a good release for any stress that holds your body,” according to celebrity fitness expert Ridge Davis, “exercises can help increase your endurance and ability to manage stress .”

While you can focus on “one more morning routine,” I promise it will be good for your life.

Adding a few simple moves to your day will take almost no time, but the benefits will take effect after a few sessions. Investing in conscious physical activity always pays off!

The 5 Exercises You Need To Activate Your Body

If you have a history of injury, consult your healthcare provider before following the advice below. Although these movements may be appropriate for most populations, some chronic and acute situations may require a slightly different approach to rehabilitation.

If you feel you are better prepared to understand your movement, try this routine 3-4 times a week. During a few sessions, you should begin to notice a significant improvement in your mobility and overall back health.

1) Cat Cows

cat cows

Application: 10–15 reps

Cues: Start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders. At the same time, lift your head and chest while lowering your abdomen and lower back to create a cat.

Roll your back and lower your head and neck and try to get your head and pelvis as far as possible. When lifting the spine, take a deep breath and breathe depressed. Take the time and don’t force the distance to move!

2) Thread the Needles

Thread the Needles, exercises. fitness, wellness

Application: 10 reps/side

Start with a quadruped. Reach down and over one arm for one exhalation. Once you have reached the maximum range of motion, return to your starting position and reach the second lane (Figure 2).

To stimulate movement through the neck, watch the moving hand with the eyes through. Complete 10 repetitions and then go to the other side.

3) Quadruped to Down Dog

Quadruped to Down Dog, exercises. fitness, wellness

Application: 10 reps

Start with a neutral quadruped. Slowly lower your hips and lower your chest to be in position number two. If you can’t access an end range where your heels on still on the floor, do not hesitate to lift it a little or bend your knees! Hold in the last position for 2-3 seconds and then slowly return to neutral in preparation for the next repetition.

Remember to start each repetition with a deep, relaxed breath.

4) Prone Bird Dog

Prone Bird Dog, exercises. fitness, wellness

Application: 5–8 reps/side

This exercise is similar to a normal bird dog, but this time you are working to extend the strength of your arms / legs from a perfectly forward position.

Start by lying on your stomach with your hands up. Then follow the opposite arm / leg and hold for 1-2 seconds before slowly starting.

Repeat and complete 5-8 repetitions per page. Don’t forget to breathe as you expand!

5) Lumbar Rocks

Lumbar Rocks, exercises. fitness, wellness

Application: 10–15 reps/side

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent about 90 degrees. Next, raise your hands behind your head and slowly rock your knees from side to side.

Start with a small range of motion and gradually increase the length of each repetition as it warms up. This is a great active way to move your lower back and pelvis.

exercises. fitness, wellness

In Closing,

There you have it. Five simple exercises that will completely erase your stiffness and prepare you and motivate you for the whole day. If you have 5 minutes to spare, you have everything you need to transform your health into the comfort of your own home!

Don’t let another day go by without trying this life-changing routine.

You got this!

Prashant Raghuvanshi

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