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Adonai Electric Multifunction Cooking Pot with Steamer 1.5 Liters comes with ergonomically designed handle & stylish glass lid is an ideal appliance for your kitchen to make your cooking needs easy and convenient. The Electric Cooking Pot with Steamer lets you cook any time anywhere without the requirement of gas and utensils. Moreover, you can cook most of your daily food in it whether its dal, rice, curries, chicken, soups, kheer, tea, boil milk etc. With the new steamer attachment, you can also steam and cook at the same. Heating Plate: Adopted with latest technology, heating area is more uniform, heat efficiency is higher and service life is longer. Automatic cut-off protection for dry heating. The double wall body of the Cooker is made of high-grade stainless steel material from inside with high end polishing technology makes it shine like mirror, easy to clean and convenient whereas the outer body is made of ABS Plastic makes it very convenient to use. Voltage 220V, 450W & 50 HZ

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