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Stay Fit at Home with Bionfit Airbike | FITNESs ISs FOR EVERYONE

Stay Fit At Home with Bionfit Airbike

How to stay fit and healthy at home without going to gym is the desire of most mothers, whom I know and who are easy to get involved. We wish we had more than 24 hours a day, but unfortunately! A battery of maids and nannies to babysit the kids every day while I sweat it out at the gym. I sure am dreaming.

But we do want to

Wake up! Look hot! And be an awesome mom!

Don’t even bother giving it up, here’s how to quickly keep fit at home according to your own routine and despite all the nonsense called ‘motherhood’.

How to stay fit & healthy at home with BIONFIT Airbike | The Peloton for India

What is BIONFIT Airbike exactly?

The BIONFIT Airbike is a high-end indoor workout bike for those who are interested to maintain fitness at home at any time they want. The fitness bike is ergonomically made for a sitting with a large adjustable cushioned seat. Its handlebars are packed with high-density foam, which prevents stiffness, tension and muscle pain during exercise.

It will provide you immense workout experience from the comfort of your home.

In short, BIONFIT Airbike is not a bike, it’s a part of a family😊.

Why is BIONFIT Airbike an ideal fit for moms?

Why is BIONFIT Airbike an ideal fit for moms?

As a busy mom, I can make time for my own workouts, according to the schedule of everyone in my house except myself. Maid and dog included!!

This is why BIONFIT Airbikes are an ideal fit for moms like me. It is super easy to order and assembly is assisted and in some cases even made available at the comfort of your home. This is ideal for home workouts and some models also offer moving handle variations providing a wholesome exercise for your upper torso. BIONFIT Air bike has been recommended and love by many housewife’s and working professionals who wish be fit but cannot takeout time from their hectic schedules to go a gym.

What are the features of the BIONFIT Airbike?

Compact – Sleek, looks aesthetic and a fit for every household

Quiet – Almost quiet and provides you a smooth ride

Flexible – easily adapts to any exercise requirement

Free home delivery – No extra cost for delivery and installation

What do I like best about BIONFIT Airbike?

This Bike is designed with the help of physiotherapist and offers an extremely ergonomic design that targets desire thigh and calf muscles without straining your back.

The peddles are designed in such a manner that offers almost zero shock to your knee and ankle joints making it a negligible injury bike in its segment.

How much Bionfit Airbike Cost?

Regular Price : 13,000/-

Launch Price : 7,229.00/-

Is BIONFIT Airbike worth the money?

The fact that you can ride a bike and exercise for 40 minutes each day while your children go to school, sleep or read is the answer for you! That you can prioritize your physical and mental well-being – again without giving up – the investment you love.

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